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Relive your Diwali moments through Zoomin.

October 18, 2017 at 3:48 am



Collect beautiful moments on the special occasion of Diwali with your family members and loved ones. One sure way to do this is to personalize gifts and make even the seemingly smallest of gifts truly wonderful.

Zoomin lets you do this with custom gifts ranging from Photo Books and Calendars to Mugs and Collage Posters. Breathe life into your everyday essentials by personalizing them and cherishing memories of good times for a very long time.

  1. Begin Mornings with a Sip of Coffee from your Custom Mug



Custom mugs are an all-time favorite way to remind yourself of who you are and the good times you had. We give you another chance to start your mornings with a smile by sipping away the blues on our personalized mugs. Simply choose a mug theme from the tons of options available. You can then customize it with personal photos and create your own custom mugs in minutes.

Check the preview of the final product before placing your order. And, just like that, you’ve created a custom mug that gives you the smiles every single day.


  1. Stick Your Memories Around with Photo Magnets

Photo Magnets


Photo Magnets are one of the best ways to ensure that your lovely memories stick around longer. With Zoomin, you can create your custom magnets at the best prices online. Pick the kind of template you want to work on add your photos and customization to make things look beautiful. There are themes for almost every kind of memory. Be sure to grab the right ones and personalize it for yourself.

Get a more cost-effective price on your orders online by making use of cashback websites such as CashKaro. This will ensure that you get all Zoomin discounts and additionally, extra cashback exclusively from CashKaro.com.


  1. Get Your Own Photo Book of Cherished Memories



A book of all the good ol’ times is a treasure chest of memories. Get modern day Photo Books from Zoomin at a fraction of the cost from elsewhere. Be spoiled for choice as there is something for everyone from the different sizes and styles of Photo Books. Choose from Softcover, Hardcover and Layflat Books to get the ideal one that breathes the variety and spice of life.


  1. Metal Print Your Life Forever

Metal Prints


Paper prints don’t have the backlit look as the photos on your phone and computer. Get this sorted out with metal prints that make the colors stand out more vibrant and make everything look extra clear. We uses fade-proof inks, water-resistant coat, and a gorgeous matte finish to bring your standard camera clicks to life.


  1. Flip through Good Times with Personalized Calendar

Photo Calendar


Let every month remind you of the best times in your life. Get 12 months’ worth of special memories on your desk, wall, and phone. Order custom desk calendars and wall calendars for a perfect home with sweet memories. Or, you can carry your personalized calendar on phone – either on Android or iOS. There is always something nice to look forward to every day.


And to make your Diwali more special, do checkout our festive sale and save big on your favorite Photo Products.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year from Team Zoomin.

How to get the best of Zoomin Photo Books

March 6, 2017 at 5:15 am



Hello people out there,
Today, I am thinking about sharing my recent experience on a print order done at Zoomin.com. Zoomin has been my favourite printer since I started printing photos and picture books for my little niece. That was around 7 or 8 years back. Even today, I still prefer printing all my photobooks from Zoomin. So what is so special about Zoomin?
Let me take you through my journey with Zoomin.
As all love story begins, I first met Zoomin online, through some free voucher. I availed it and was bowled over by the prices and prints. So I tried printing a digital scrapbook for my little niece. Even though the whole thing now looks very immature, it was one of the best gift I had given to my niece.

Offers at Zoomin

Today, I use Zoomin for all my printing needs. The print quality is good, and the metallic prints and really great. The pricing is wallet friendly, and mostly there are multiple offers running – which can effectively decrease the price to 20% to 50%. Festival offers are mostly available for Holi, Diwali, Christmas and New Year. Additionally offers run for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
What I usually do is, upload the pictures and templates as and when they are ready, and get it printed during these off season. Result: Good quality photo books at a pocket friendly price.


Pricing at Zoomin:

I am not sure about the pricing of all the items at Zoomin. What I have been using is the 8.5 x 11 (Size of an A4 sheet) sized hard bound books. I first printed the book with ordinary matte paper, and for the last book I used premium silk paper. The result was extremely different, and at the same time, the price difference is marginal. So my suggestion is to go for the Premium ones, while choosing the hard bound books .


Templates and Easy books

One thing I dislike about Zoomin is the lack of templates. If you have looked through international sites like Blurb or Shutterfly, the templates and the available easy books would disappoint you. But, there are some good options, if you open to different sized books. I am a Project Lifer, ( you can read more about it in my previous posts – here, here and here) and hence uses my typical pages. Maybe, that is why I am not much of a fan of these templates.


Zoomin Services

The service has always been very prompt, and I usually receive the books, very neatly packed with three to four working days. The packing and delivery are always prompt, and I for one, have had no qualms. Last time, some of my pages had a dark tinge, and that I felt was a printing error. But, owing to the difference in monitor colours and page colours, I am okay with it. In case there is any major issues, you can call them up and address your issue. I did not have any such issues, so I am clueless about their refunding and reprinting policies.


Conclusion about Zoomin

I would definitely suggest to try printing with Zoomin. My humble request to all mothers out there – please do not let those happy memories stay in the dark corners of your hard disks – let your creative juice run, and make some cute documentary books for you to devour once these little angels grow up. They also make the best gift for birthdays and anniversaries.
Still not sure whether to try this out? Comment, and I will help you out with my personal experience.
Disclaimer: All views are my own, and this is NOT a sponsored post.
Would like to thank Sadiya Salim for this write up. Do checkout her blog page for some amazing write ups: https://lifeinpages2016.wordpress.com/

Just Go! – By Globetrotting Girls India.

November 16, 2016 at 12:05 am



The travel scenario has undergone a tremendous change in the recent years, more and more people are setting out to explore the world and experience different cultures. Digital nomads, travel bloggers, solo travelers, flash-packers, voluntourism are some of the buzzwords in the travel industry; People are quitting jobs, selling off their belongings and taking the roads less traveled. These travel trends have soared the rise in social media sharing and you wouldn’t be surprised to know that photographs form a large chunk of it.

In 1970, mankind as a whole took 10 billion photographs. Today that number is close to 400 billion. Taking pictures has become an essential part of traveling and why wouldn’t it be so? Photographs have always enhanced an experience for us; be it pictures of the food you devoured on the streets of Thailand to upload on Instagram later or be it a picture of the mighty Himalayas you clicked to share with your grandma who might never be able to go on that trip.

Good pictures will let us again live a moment otherwise gone. The elements of a good photograph are subjective, but it is a successful shot if it reminds you of something beautiful and brings back the moment something moved you. Beauty and art are everywhere, it’s just a matter of looking with a open heart. Capturing a photograph can be a soothing activity or a mindless clicking spree, but for some it could give them an Adrenalin rush.

And so, Zoomin is taking you on a virtual journey with Globetrotting Girls India to bring out the best travel pictures with a great story or a precious memory associated with it. Globetrotting girls India is a virtual travel community of female travels of Indian origin from around the world who share, inspire and help one another travel better.

The platform aims to empower women to take life-transforming journeys, inspire them to break from the shackles and realize their dreams of seeing the world. Women from all backgrounds and ages form a part of globetrotting girls India, from travel bloggers to travel entrepreneurs, it is a diverse community of women who have come together because of their ever-growing wanderlust. The women in this community are compulsive image-consumers and all of them have great travel stories to tell.

So on your next holiday, be mindful of your surroundings to create beautiful images and you will be rewarded for years to come. A wave may never crash the shore again, likewise a moment gone will not be returned, so take that picture and treasure it for life.



A special thanks to Globetrotting Girls India for sharing this post. Globetrotting Girls India (GTGI) was co-founded by Ankita Sonawane and Divya Shetty as a networking space for Indian women who love to travel. Do checkout their their group https://www.facebook.com/groups/914927355265589/. GTGI is a group exclusively for Indian female travelers.

Display Magic | Zoomin Collage Poster mounted on Sunboard

September 30, 2016 at 5:23 am
I am very fond of printing, trying out new prints, displaying them, replacing them with new ones and many times going back to the old ones is like a part of my life. Few weeks ago I had ordered a sunboard from Zoomin. I loved the print quality and apart from that I would love to talk about few interesting things about the product and Zoomin app.
  • It was very easy to create the collage through their application, any parent and also grandparents can do it.
  • A sunboard is easy to display and you can do a lot with it, you do not have to run around to get the framing done. Although Zoomin has an option of ordering photos with frame ;).
  • I also love the story telling aspect of collage
Here are three ways that I could think of displaying it. The sunboard comes with a double sided tape, you can just use it for sticking a rope behind, more like a quick DIY and hang it on the wall.
The second and my favourite one is displaying sunboard on easel. I feel easel always give that vintage touch to your place.
The last one is kind of interesting. You can keep a memory box on any of your corner table or cool trunks. Along with the photo you can keep coasters or any interesting stuff.
Blog credits Shweta Mukherjee, one of the best Newborn and Baby Photographers that we have seen in India and also the founder of The Creative Lens Photography. Do checkout her blog page: http://www.mommygrapher.com/ for some interesting reads.

Ten Great Reasons to Make a Photo Book

July 28, 2016 at 11:57 pm

Making a photo book is easy! You choose the shots, and we’ll do the printing/binding/shipping, you just wait for the mailman.

To help inspire your photo selection, we’ve gathered ten of the many reasons to make a Photo Book.

  1. Relive a Trip

The next best thing to being on vacation is remembering the fun times through photos. Relive a Trip

  1. Capture your kids childhood

You Can’t Stop a Baby from Growing Up, But You Can Document the Heck Out of Their Babyhood.capture_your_kids_childhood

  1. Gather Family Close

Put all their smiling faces in one place, and be sure to order a second copy for Grandma and Grandpa.Gather Family Close

  1. Keep A Timeline

Make a book once a year. You’ll always be able to look back and remember what you got up to.Keep a timeline

  1. Celebrate that Special Someone

Document your best times together and give them a gift they’ll love almost as much as you.Celebrate that special someone.

  1. Thank a Host

Thank a friend for throwing an extra fun party, wedding, or dinner by sending them a book of the event.Thank a Host

  1. Make a Dinner Idea Book

If you’re the food photo taking type, put your best meals in a book. Flip through for inspiration.Make a Dinner Idea Book

  1. Save a Bit of Home

On the verge of a move? Make a book of your favorite places in and around your home.Save a bit of home.

  1. Condense Your Wedding Photos

You have hundreds of shots, but put the very best in a book to show off your very favorites.condense your wedding photos

  1. Make A Face Book

Put your favorite friends in one book! It won’t give status updates, but will be fun to flip through.Make a Facebook

What are you waiting for? Head over to the following link to get started with your very own Photo Book: http://www.zoomin.com/in/Photo-Books

And once your book arrives be sure to use #zoominmoments to show us!

Collect Memories Not Things

June 29, 2016 at 5:53 am

Travel 1


What is life but a mere string of memories? The present is here to grab and soon enough it is the past. But instead of moaning the effervescence of life itself, we believe each moment is to be celebrated and cherished for the future to come. And each moment, no matter how big or small has shaped us to what we are today and where we are going tomorrow. Why not hold them close and smile at fond memories? Or laugh at the candid photos of you falling? Or go back in time and relive adventures?

And the camera-worthy moment does not have to be some grand adventure at Mt Everest. Or an epic trip in Mexico. It could be anything- anything that added meaning, passion and love to your life. The first cake you baked, you learning to swim, the first time your kid rode a bike, the time your dog chewed your favorite shoes but seeing him satisfied made you happy anyway- all these daily activities have a unique charm and looking back, they do make you count your blessings. And here at Zoomin, that’s exactly what we do- help you cherish the memories you hold closest to your hearts and share them with your loved ones.

Together with Itch List, we hope to enliven this journey and help cherish each moment. The Itch List is an amazing group of passionate achievers that strive to scratch off their bucket list and inspire others to scratch off theirs. From travel to food, from adventure sports to hobbies- anything and everything that makes you happy, tingly and itching for more is the Itchy way of living! And these incredible memories that you collect along the way deserve to not be stuck on some pendrive or a tragic folder on your laptop.

Beam with pride at your achievements- your solo trip where you explore a side of yourself and the community, your escape from death when you bungee jumped from places high as the heavens and even the time you finally would perfected your Spanish. For each fear you conquered, each goal you scratched off, each time you left your comfort zone- you, my friend, did something very few people dare to do. You lived. Share your passion, your stories and create memories that last a lifetime and inspire a million more.

And when you are a having a rough day, do not forget to flip through scratchbook to remind yourself that you have accomplished far greater things than you expected. Keep your Wall of Fame as your center piece as you tell glorious stories of escaping a bear at your campsite.  Keep little mementos around the house as gentle reminders of good ol’ days that inspire you to go for more adventures. Big or small, epic or ordinary- celebrate your life and get a little nudge for more with these merchandise!

4 Tips To Clicking Awesome Baby Photos!

March 30, 2015 at 6:01 am

Taking photos of your little one is more like an art form and adventure than anything else. Capture all the giggles, smiles, tears, and everything in between with these 5 simple tips that we’ve put together just for you:

  • Don’t be afraid to get silly: Keeping the attention of a baby during a photo shoot is definitely a task. The trick is not being afraid to get silly – use puppets, a favorite toy and even crazy sounds.


Be Silly: The more you

Be Silly: The more you let go and enjoy yourself, the better your photo will be!


  • Fast Shutter Speed: Babies are always on the go! You are lucky if they will slow down long enough to get a kiss in – that is why it is always important to increase your shutter speed to freeze them midway through their actions. The faster your camera is, the quicker you can grab that perfect shot.
  • Everything is better in multiples: We all know babies aren’t always the model photography subjects. They tend to do everything besides what you need them to. To help offset those not so glamorous shots take more than one photo at a time – then you can look through it later to grab ‘The One’.


Click away! Click as many photos as possible.

Click away: Click as many photos as possible. This photo is a combination of a fast shutter speed and the camera ‘Burst mode’. Phew!


  • Shoot through the imperfect moments: Babies don’t always throw tantrums, but when they do they are pretty epic. Regardless the mood, or unplanned moments capture them all! There will always be a beautiful shot among all the chaos.

No matter the difficulties photographing your baby may bring, there is nothing more beautiful than an amazing photo to record those little moments you’ll want to remember tomorrow and hold onto forever.

Now go on, grab a camera and get creative – you’ll thank yourself in the end.



What tips have helped you photograph your little one? We’d love to know.

Happy Independence Day!

August 14, 2014 at 6:31 am

There is nothing like celebrating your independence; food, fun, and photos- what more could you ask for? To get the most out of capturing the day here are a few photo tips:

  1. Charge your camera beforehand – There is nothing more sad then losing power right before the perfect shot. Be sure to charge your phone or camera before the big events.
  2. Capture everything – While waiting for those extraordinary shots don’t forget to grab those everyday moments that are the perfect storytelling photos.

    Capture everything: Don’t forget to grab as many shots as possible. Photo credit – Parth Sarthi.

  3. Include yourself in the celebration – Just because you are the genius behind the lens doesn’t mean you can’t have some with you in it. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to take over for a minute.
  4. Get creative – Get in there and try some new angles on the same photo, a different perspective on things can often make all the difference.

    Get Creative: Try different angles on the same subject. Photo credit – Aijaz Rahi

  5. Have fun – Most importantly of all – have fun. Even though photos are the perfect way to capture memories it’s just not the same as being there. So make sure you enjoy yourself!

We hope these tips help get some great shots. Once again – here’s wishing you a very happy 67th Independence Day.

Photo Prints App crosses 1 MILLION prints!

August 7, 2014 at 6:51 am

Photo Prints crosses 1 million photos

A big shout out to you :-). You made it possible!

Pretty much anyone with a smartphone possesses a darn good camera, and is empowered to capture moments that were formerly ephemeral, stored and forgotten in our messy, limitless digital vault. A common role that binds us all is that of ‘memory keeper’. Capturing memories of places we inhabit or travel through when given the chance, and the people in these places and the people in our lives.

But, some photos are meant to bubble up and last forever. Your proud moment as the father of “Superman”, your son’s birthday party. Witnessing a captivating sunset with college mates before going your separate ways, watching your father show your daughter how to ride a bicycle…. These precious moments hold deep meaning for which they cannot and should not get lost.

At Zoomin we understand this. And with our mobile app we give you a great way to manage your photos, choose the ones that truly matter and create story around those photos that truly meant the most.

On mobile, Photo Prints is our first baby step into the world of Phoneography (mobile photography) and in the coming months expect more magic from us – better ways to organise your photos, more ways to print and share your stories. We look forward to keeping you excited…

Photo Prints is available on Android and iOS. We are putting the final touches on a Windows Phone app too.

Download the app

Photobook Ideas for this Mother’s Day!

April 25, 2014 at 12:54 am

You’re getting started on your photobook for Mom but are stuck on what to do next. Don’t worry – we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas out here to get you going. And if you’re really running short of time, you can always use our themes created just for Moms.

Memoirs of Mom: Celebrate your mother by creating her biography in photos. Start bygathering photos and stories from your mother’s life (scan older photos into digital images). Talk to family and friends to get details – you may learn something new about your mother!

Timeless Theme

Timeless Theme

Mom does it all: This is a fun tribute to the busy Mom who does it all. Start by thinking of the various things that Mom does to keep the house running smoothly and support her family. Take pictures of her performing these tasks or objects that represent the task. Let her know how much you need and love SuperMom.

Superstar Mom

Superstar Mom

Master Chef Mom: Is your mother always spending her time in the kitchen coming up with delicious things for everyone to enjoy? Make her a recipe book of her favorite dishes or your favorite dishes. Add fun stories and memories from meal times. Celebrate her culinary skills with this one!

Recipe book

Recipe book

Favorite moments: Life is all about the special moments and a photo book is a great way to bring those to life. Create a book that will remind Mom of the special memories both of you have shared. Starting from the time you were born to the present – these photos along with your personal text will touch her deeply.

Moments with Mom

Moments with Mom

An Ode to Mom: Nothing lights up a Mom’s world by hearing how much her family loves her. A beautiful way to tell Mom how much each family member cares is to create a book filled with special messages, poems and pictures of the family member.

A Mother's Love

A Mother’s Love

Hope you’ve got enough ideas and tips to complete your gift of love for Mom. Share your ideas by writing into community@zoomin.com.