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4 Tips To Clicking Awesome Baby Photos!

March 30, 2015 at 6:01 am

Taking photos of your little one is more like an art form and adventure than anything else. Capture all the giggles, smiles, tears, and everything in between with these 5 simple tips that we’ve put together just for you:

  • Don’t be afraid to get silly: Keeping the attention of a baby during a photo shoot is definitely a task. The trick is not being afraid to get silly – use puppets, a favorite toy and even crazy sounds.


Be Silly: The more you

Be Silly: The more you let go and enjoy yourself, the better your photo will be!


  • Fast Shutter Speed: Babies are always on the go! You are lucky if they will slow down long enough to get a kiss in – that is why it is always important to increase your shutter speed to freeze them midway through their actions. The faster your camera is, the quicker you can grab that perfect shot.
  • Everything is better in multiples: We all know babies aren’t always the model photography subjects. They tend to do everything besides what you need them to. To help offset those not so glamorous shots take more than one photo at a time – then you can look through it later to grab ‘The One’.


Click away! Click as many photos as possible.

Click away: Click as many photos as possible. This photo is a combination of a fast shutter speed and the camera ‘Burst mode’. Phew!


  • Shoot through the imperfect moments: Babies don’t always throw tantrums, but when they do they are pretty epic. Regardless the mood, or unplanned moments capture them all! There will always be a beautiful shot among all the chaos.

No matter the difficulties photographing your baby may bring, there is nothing more beautiful than an amazing photo to record those little moments you’ll want to remember tomorrow and hold onto forever.

Now go on, grab a camera and get creative – you’ll thank yourself in the end.



What tips have helped you photograph your little one? We’d love to know.

Happy Independence Day!

August 14, 2014 at 6:31 am

There is nothing like celebrating your independence; food, fun, and photos- what more could you ask for? To get the most out of capturing the day here are a few photo tips:

  1. Charge your camera beforehand – There is nothing more sad then losing power right before the perfect shot. Be sure to charge your phone or camera before the big events.
  2. Capture everything – While waiting for those extraordinary shots don’t forget to grab those everyday moments that are the perfect storytelling photos.

    Capture everything: Don’t forget to grab as many shots as possible. Photo credit – Parth Sarthi.

  3. Include yourself in the celebration – Just because you are the genius behind the lens doesn’t mean you can’t have some with you in it. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to take over for a minute.
  4. Get creative – Get in there and try some new angles on the same photo, a different perspective on things can often make all the difference.

    Get Creative: Try different angles on the same subject. Photo credit – Aijaz Rahi

  5. Have fun – Most importantly of all – have fun. Even though photos are the perfect way to capture memories it’s just not the same as being there. So make sure you enjoy yourself!

We hope these tips help get some great shots. Once again – here’s wishing you a very happy 67th Independence Day.

Photo Prints App crosses 1 MILLION prints!

August 7, 2014 at 6:51 am

Photo Prints crosses 1 million photos

A big shout out to you :-). You made it possible!

Pretty much anyone with a smartphone possesses a darn good camera, and is empowered to capture moments that were formerly ephemeral, stored and forgotten in our messy, limitless digital vault. A common role that binds us all is that of ‘memory keeper’. Capturing memories of places we inhabit or travel through when given the chance, and the people in these places and the people in our lives.

But, some photos are meant to bubble up and last forever. Your proud moment as the father of “Superman”, your son’s birthday party. Witnessing a captivating sunset with college mates before going your separate ways, watching your father show your daughter how to ride a bicycle…. These precious moments hold deep meaning for which they cannot and should not get lost.

At Zoomin we understand this. And with our mobile app we give you a great way to manage your photos, choose the ones that truly matter and create story around those photos that truly meant the most.

On mobile, Photo Prints is our first baby step into the world of Phoneography (mobile photography) and in the coming months expect more magic from us – better ways to organise your photos, more ways to print and share your stories. We look forward to keeping you excited…

Photo Prints is available on Android and iOS. We are putting the final touches on a Windows Phone app too.

Download the app

Photobook Ideas for this Mother’s Day!

April 25, 2014 at 12:54 am

You’re getting started on your photobook for Mom but are stuck on what to do next. Don’t worry – we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas out here to get you going. And if you’re really running short of time, you can always use our themes created just for Moms.

Memoirs of Mom: Celebrate your mother by creating her biography in photos. Start bygathering photos and stories from your mother’s life (scan older photos into digital images). Talk to family and friends to get details – you may learn something new about your mother!

Timeless Theme

Timeless Theme

Mom does it all: This is a fun tribute to the busy Mom who does it all. Start by thinking of the various things that Mom does to keep the house running smoothly and support her family. Take pictures of her performing these tasks or objects that represent the task. Let her know how much you need and love SuperMom.

Superstar Mom

Superstar Mom

Master Chef Mom: Is your mother always spending her time in the kitchen coming up with delicious things for everyone to enjoy? Make her a recipe book of her favorite dishes or your favorite dishes. Add fun stories and memories from meal times. Celebrate her culinary skills with this one!

Recipe book

Recipe book

Favorite moments: Life is all about the special moments and a photo book is a great way to bring those to life. Create a book that will remind Mom of the special memories both of you have shared. Starting from the time you were born to the present – these photos along with your personal text will touch her deeply.

Moments with Mom

Moments with Mom

An Ode to Mom: Nothing lights up a Mom’s world by hearing how much her family loves her. A beautiful way to tell Mom how much each family member cares is to create a book filled with special messages, poems and pictures of the family member.

A Mother's Love

A Mother’s Love

Hope you’ve got enough ideas and tips to complete your gift of love for Mom. Share your ideas by writing into community@zoomin.com.



User Tips for Making a Photobook: Choosing Your Photos!

January 30, 2014 at 5:33 am

Photobooks are such a great way to convey your special moments! This year for Valentine’s Day I decided to make one for my significant other to show him how much joy he brings into my life. Before starting I was wondering what photos I would use and whether it would take me a long time get 20 photos (of course I’m using a ZoomIn express theme!) However, once I started going through my online albums, I realized there were so many photos to choose from – I was done picking my photos in 10 minutes! In case if you’re wondering what kind of photos you can use in your photobook for Valentines Day, here are some ideas to get you started.

1) Take your significant other down memory lane with photos from the time you met till today. If you’ve been together for a while, you might be smiling when you see how different both of you looked then and now!

2) Photos from a special day or a trip. We just got engaged recently so I couldn’t help but put in a photo of that moment. Trip photos are wonderful moments to relive over as well.

That special moment captured!

That special moment captured!


4) My centerfold pages are ‘these are a few of my favorite things..about you’. I’ve included pictures and messages of what makes my fiancé so special.

3) Photos that have a significant meaning just to the two of you. I decided to mix up the photobook by also including pictures which didnt have either of us. One of the pictures was where we had our first date and aside from both of us nobody else will ever know the meaning of the picture (except for you now).

Our first date spot!

Our first date spot!

I hope this gives you some ideas in case you were stuck. Whatever photos you choose, your significant other will be thrilled to relive moments that are special to just the two of you. So go ahead and get going on that photobook -pick out those photos, have some fun and be ready to see your beautiful creation come to life!

(For privacy reasons, couple pictures posted above are not of the writer or her fiancé)

Candid Wedding Photos!

December 2, 2013 at 11:34 pm

The wedding season is here! Love, laughter and fun are in the air, not to mention all of us looking our finest in our colorful clothes. As a wedding guest, you’re in a position to take some great candid pictures of the new couple, close family and friends. So time to pull out your camera and start clicking. (Don’t forget that your mobile phone is often capable of taking beautiful photos as well.) Some quick tips from us to capture candid shots at wedding festivities:

Tip #1 Keep Clicking: When you quickly shoot multiple photographs of a person you can sometimes get some stunning shots that you’d have never gotten in just one click.  Switch your camera to continuous shooting mode and shoot in bursts of images. The continuous burst mode is generally available on your mobile device as well these days.

Tip #2 No Flash: If possible try not to use the flash on your camera. The use of flash can make people aware that they are being photographed and that candid moment is gone. Usually the lights at wedding, reception and other events are bright enough, so you should get enough light for your photo.


No Flash Used! A traditional Maharashtrian moment captured.

No Flash Used! A traditional Maharashtrian moment captured.


Tip #3 Capture the Emotions: Indian weddings are full of emotions – laughter and tears! One way to ensure that you capture those emotions is to take shots when people are together – there’s bound to be emotions in the interaction. Another way to capture emotions is to take the shot when a person is doing something. Not only will the person not notice you, but also the act of them doing something adds an element in your story of photos.

Tip # 4 Framing: Framing a photograph is very important and a wedding venue provides some natural frames for you to use! Use decorative elements at the venue, such as a pillar of the mandal, in the foreground. Not only do you frame your photo but it also appears as if you’re hiding behind the object.


Vidhaai moments captured


Tip # 5 Strategic Positioning: The traditional Indian wedding has some moments that everyone knows about. Whether it’s the sangeet, the pheras or the vidhaai ceremony, these are moments that you know will be coming. Make sure you are in a good spot to capture these moments.


Enjoy the celebrations!

The Canvas Wow Factor

November 13, 2013 at 12:19 am

Drawing room

A ZoomIn Canvas Print is art created by you and is truly a masterpiece. Just about any image that has meaning to you or the person you have in mind would look fantastic.  Family portraits, closeup pictures of children, or beautiful shots from a holiday lend themselves well for canvas prints.

While a single canvas is beautiful on its own, multiplying the impact by creating a canvas collage is a truly stunning idea.When you have an amazing collection of pictures and want to show them off, a canvas photo wall collage is your answer.  Your collection could be your child’s first 6 months, solo pictures of family members, pictures from each decade – the possibilities are endless. Surprisingly for the “wow” factor created, the canvas print wall collage is  a snap to make!

Creating a Canvas Print Wall Collage

1) Decide on the theme of your collage, keeping in mind the person you’re making it for.

2) Select a suitable layout for the collage – you could create a collage of same sizes or different sizes.

3) Pick the photos to place into each slot.

3)   Place your order on zoomin.com. Check out our Helpdesk FAQs if you have questions.

If you’re creating the canvas collage for yourself, roll up your sleeves and get ready to hang when your prints arrive. When it comes to hanging your personalized canvas prints, the last thing you want to do is start making too many holes in your walls. So here’s a quick trick.  Tape together several pieces of newspaper and place on the floor.  Place your prints on top of the paper and arrange them in the layout you want.  With a pencil, trace around each print.  Remove the prints and tape the paper to your wall.  Now you can see exactly where to hammer in the nails and whether any adjustments need to be made to the layout!

We hope you’ve been inspired and have gotten those wheels turning! As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our Helpdesk.

Gifting Ideas for Diwali

October 25, 2013 at 6:05 am

At ZoomIn we always love to hear how our products made someone smile! Here’s a few customer stories from last year that help us understand how our products are spreading smiles.

“Being an auspicious time of the year, many people undertake home renovation projects and host parties in their newly renovated home during Diwali. Gifting something unique and relevant is always a challenge but last year I came up with a great idea! For my cousin’s housewarming, I created a 16″x20″ mounted canvas print of our big family reunion. He loved it and the canvas still sits proudly on his wall!” – Sachin from Mumbai

Canvas: A printed canvas definitely adds a point of interest to a room.

“I met my wife to be in March 2012 and our wedding day was coming up in December. For our first Diwali as a couple, I wanted to give my fiancee something special. Using the love theme from ZoomIn, I created a beautiful photo book with pictures of both of us. She was speechless with joy and a bit surprised when she got it . She doesn’t see my creative side too often. Thanks ZoomIn!” – Raj from Delhi

Photobook: Your special moments told through photos.

“It was my first time away from home and my Nani was missing me a lot. While we talk on Skype often, I wanted to do something more. Thanks to ZoomIn, I was able to send her a fantastic mug with a picture of both of us and a message of an inside joke we share! She says she smiles every time she looks at it.” – Jaya from Bangalore

Mug: Launched just in time for Diwali- NEW festive themes for mugs.

“I’ve always liked giving something different to my close friends during Diwali. Last year I gave all 6 of them photo calendars, using photos from the past year. We’ve had some fun moments and some not-so fun moments (when Isha got covered in mud) but these are moments everyone remembers now!” – Sneha from Hubli

Calendar: Each month holds a special memory with photo calendars.

These customers have definitely given me some great ideas for Diwali – hope they do the same for you!
Get started on your wonderful gifts for the festive season!

ZoomIn’s Guide to Low Light Photography

October 11, 2013 at 7:58 am

The festive season is here! Time to celebrate with lots of dancing, fireworks and music! Naturally these are moments that you want to capture and cherish. However sometimes capturing these moments in the dark can be a bit difficult. In the spirit of the festive season, we wanted to share three quick tips to capture your moments, even if the moments are poorly lit.

1. Increase ISO, decrease aperture: Increase the ISO and you will be able to shoot better in low light conditions. At the same time also decrease the aperture to allow more light to come into the camera as this will result in a brighter photo.

2. Try not to use the flash: Use the light from the surroundings to your advantage. This way you’ll get a more “natural photo”. Stand close to the source of light to ensure that your subject is well lit up. You can use the flash if you want to highlight a single element of your photo.


Avoid using the flash

Avoid using the flash: Notice how the photo has been captured without using a flash and still stands out. Photo courtesy www.sulekha.com

3. Stability: The more stable your camera is the the more sharper your photos will be! Tripods and monopods come in very handy in such cases.

Hope these tips help you click better photos during the night!

ZoomIn’s Guide to Portrait Photography – Part III

May 26, 2013 at 11:52 pm

We’re back with the final post of our 3 part guide on how to click great portrait photos (In Part I   we covered Composition and in Part II we covered Light and Background)  In this last post, we will cover the importance of ‘Posing’ and the ‘Mood’ of your photo…

Pose: It would help sometimes to get your subject to pose for you. And by pose, I don’t mean your run off the mill “say cheese” pose. There’s a way in which you can get the best out of your subject and here’s how to do it:

Tilt the body/head: A slight tilt of the head or tilt of the body, depending on how much of the subject you have chosen to capture in your shot, will always bring about interest. It creates a rather different approach to the photo than the same age old ‘head-held-straight-and-smiling’ pose.

Look away: Sometimes not looking directly into the camera is also a good option. Get your subject  to look away in another direction and leave enough space towards that particular direction while composing your photo. This will generate a lot of curiosity in terms of what the subject is looking at or is looking towards.


Posing: A slight tilt of the head will always bring about some interest.

Posing: A slight tilt of the head will always bring about some interest.


Mood: Finally, most portrait photos will carry a ‘mood’ along with them. It could be a happy mood if your subject is all smiles, a ‘thoughtful’ mood if the subject is shown sitting and pondering about something, an ‘informational’ mood if your subject is reading a newspaper, so on and so forth. It is extremely important that the mood of the photo is conveyed through the click, because this is exactly what will make the viewer think “Wow, that’s a really nice photo!”


Mood: Most portrait photos will communicate a mood through them. This one expresses mischief.

Mood: Most portrait photos will communicate a mood through them. This one expresses mischief.


There you go! Now you’re all  geared up and ready to take a go at portrait photos. Happy clicking and do share your thoughts along the way!