Zig Zag Minis – Buy 2, Get 1 Free. 9 New Designs!

June 20, 2012 at 7:08 am

Our newest product just got more interesting…Introducing 9 new Zig Zag Mini designs!  From whimsical to contemporary to traditional, you’re going to love these new designs.  And because we think you might have a hard time deciding which ones to choose, we’re offering a buy 2, get 1 free sale on our Zig Zag Minis.

Simply create your 3 Zig Zag Minis (3 printed covers or 3 leather covers – sorry no mixing covers!) and add to your cart.  Then apply coupon PRINTZZM for your printed cover Zig Zag Minis or LEATHZZM for your leather cover Zig Zag Minis.

Learn more about Zig Zag Minis or start your creations here.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer expires Saturday, June 23 at 11:59 pm.
  • Offer valid on printed cover and leather cover Zig Zag Minis.
  • To get your 3rd printed cover Zig Zag Mini for free, place 3 printed Zig Zag Minis in your cart and apply coupon PRINTZZM at checkout.
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  • Shipping charges & taxes applicable.

Lytro – The Future of Photos

June 19, 2012 at 2:32 am

Lytro is the next big thing in photography and we at ZoomIn got our hands on one. Our experts had a ball testing it and here’s the detailed review.

What’s the big deal?

Have you ever ended up with out-of-focus photos of that all-important moment, and wanted to go back in time to change it? That’s exactly what Lytro lets you do.

And the way the Lytro does that, promises to dramatically change the course of photography. From the first photo to today’s hi-tech DSLRs, the fundamentals of photography haven’t changed. Light from the subject makes it way through a lens onto a photosensitive surface, film or a digital sensor, where an image is created. The only data captured is what is on the film/sensor, thus there is no way to know from where the light actually originated.

Lytro captures the lightfield, which essentially means you have a ton of information to play with. So you should be able to change focus, alter depth of field, pull everything into focus, create 3D photo and even alter perspective after the fact. For starters, Lytro lets you refocus the photo. They promise to introduce the rest later this year.

And the fact that the guys at Lytro have been able to take this cutting-edge technology and turn it into a production camera, makes it a huge deal.

Well, on to the review.

Look & features

It doesn’t look like the usual camera. The body is minimalistic – annodised aluminum with just 2 buttons (shutter and power), a zoom slider and an USB port. The look is pretty funky and takes some getting used to.

The Lytro packs in very capable 8x digital zoom (43-150 mm equivalent range) at a constant f/2, thus bringing in lots of light.  The lens moves inside the body without any extension and is controlled by sliding your finger on the zoom strip on top, pretty neat!

The unusual form factor has its drawback though; the screen is a tiny 1.5 inch touch screen LCD. You control the rest of the features through this touchscreen; change shooting settings, touch-to-focus or refocus, view and delete photos, and access storage and battery life.

The only thing worse than the size of the LCD is its resolution, which would struggle against first generation mobile phone screens. The viewing angle too is terrible, unless you look straight at the LCD, you can’t see much. Thus, reviewing photos on this screen doesn’t do justice to the camera – you have to transfer it to a Mac.

Photo quality

The Lytro captures 11 Megarays – unfortunately, that doesn’t translate to 11 megapixels, actually just 1.17 megapixels. The images are quite small – enough for viewing digitally – after all that’s where you get to play with the focus. The max size you can print with acceptable resolution is 5”x5” – so no life size photos yet. (Click on images to play around with the Lytro photos below).

Overall image quality is not bad; color reproduction, tonal range and noise at low ISO are comparable to entry-level compact cameras. However performance in low light is poor – the noise levels are quite high and clearly visible here

Tone range is also pretty good; see this photo taken through a car window.


This is where the Lytro really shines – shooting is lightening quick, since there is actually no need to focus – you can do it later. You can typically refocus any object within 3-4 inches to infinity. For macros, the minimum focusing distance is about 4-5 inches at full zoom, which will give you decent macros to play with.

Downloading & sharing

Transferring photos to a computer is a must – reviewing them on the tiny screen is just painful. The software is loaded into the camera – just plug into a Mac (yes, Microsoft will have to wait) and it auto installs and transfers the photos. Lytro uses a new .lpf file to store photos, with each photo at 16MB – there’s a lot of info!

You can sort photos, organize them (into ‘stories’) and most importantly play with the focus. You can then share it with friends and show off your piece of photo future.

The folks at Lytro  promise to add some other features that you play around with – modify depth of field, set all points in focus, create 3D pictures and even change perspective. This will increase the utility of Lytro, after a while its difficult to make contrived compositions just to emphasis the DOF effect.

Final verdict

Will this replace my DSLR? No.

Will this replace my compact camera? No.

Does it make a kick-ass gadget?

Yes, especially if you want to have a prototype of the next-gen cameras!! It may not be long before this technology finds its way into the cameras all around us – from cellphones to robots. It’s rumored that Steve Jobs wanted to integrate this technology into the iPhone. Without the focusing motors, cellphone cameras can be made smaller and faster.

Where can I get one?

For those who want one, its available at the ZoomIn Camera Store – the only way you can get one in India.

Lytro 8GB (350 pictures)

Lytro 16GB (750 pictures)

We import directly from the USA and the price is all inclusive (shipping, duty and insurance), so you don’t have to pay anything on delivery. Lytro orders are currently back ordered and usually take 5-10 weeks for delivery.

More photos from the Lytro (click on images to refocus)

More photos of the Lytro

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June 12, 2012 at 7:15 am

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Go back to school in style

June 1, 2012 at 1:45 am

It’s that time of year again – back to school!  Why be like everyone else and show up to class with the same ordinary notebooks and agendas?  Express your creativity and stay organized at the same time with our all new personalized exercise books, agendas and notebooks. Just add your favorite pictures, text and clipart to make it uniquely your own.

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