Happy Independence Day!

August 14, 2014 at 6:31 am

There is nothing like celebrating your independence; food, fun, and photos- what more could you ask for? To get the most out of capturing the day here are a few photo tips:

  1. Charge your camera beforehand – There is nothing more sad then losing power right before the perfect shot. Be sure to charge your phone or camera before the big events.
  2. Capture everything – While waiting for those extraordinary shots don’t forget to grab those everyday moments that are the perfect storytelling photos.

    Capture everything: Don’t forget to grab as many shots as possible. Photo credit – Parth Sarthi.

  3. Include yourself in the celebration – Just because you are the genius behind the lens doesn’t mean you can’t have some with you in it. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to take over for a minute.
  4. Get creative – Get in there and try some new angles on the same photo, a different perspective on things can often make all the difference.

    Get Creative: Try different angles on the same subject. Photo credit – Aijaz Rahi

  5. Have fun – Most importantly of all – have fun. Even though photos are the perfect way to capture memories it’s just not the same as being there. So make sure you enjoy yourself!

We hope these tips help get some great shots. Once again – here’s wishing you a very happy 67th Independence Day.

Photo Prints App crosses 1 MILLION prints!

August 7, 2014 at 6:51 am

Photo Prints crosses 1 million photos

A big shout out to you :-). You made it possible!

Pretty much anyone with a smartphone possesses a darn good camera, and is empowered to capture moments that were formerly ephemeral, stored and forgotten in our messy, limitless digital vault. A common role that binds us all is that of ‘memory keeper’. Capturing memories of places we inhabit or travel through when given the chance, and the people in these places and the people in our lives.

But, some photos are meant to bubble up and last forever. Your proud moment as the father of “Superman”, your son’s birthday party. Witnessing a captivating sunset with college mates before going your separate ways, watching your father show your daughter how to ride a bicycle…. These precious moments hold deep meaning for which they cannot and should not get lost.

At Zoomin we understand this. And with our mobile app we give you a great way to manage your photos, choose the ones that truly matter and create story around those photos that truly meant the most.

On mobile, Photo Prints is our first baby step into the world of Phoneography (mobile photography) and in the coming months expect more magic from us – better ways to organise your photos, more ways to print and share your stories. We look forward to keeping you excited…

Photo Prints is available on Android and iOS. We are putting the final touches on a Windows Phone app too.

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