How to get the best of Zoomin Photo Books

March 6, 2017 at 5:15 am



Hello people out there,
Today, I am thinking about sharing my recent experience on a print order done at Zoomin has been my favourite printer since I started printing photos and picture books for my little niece. That was around 7 or 8 years back. Even today, I still prefer printing all my photobooks from Zoomin. So what is so special about Zoomin?
Let me take you through my journey with Zoomin.
As all love story begins, I first met Zoomin online, through some free voucher. I availed it and was bowled over by the prices and prints. So I tried printing a digital scrapbook for my little niece. Even though the whole thing now looks very immature, it was one of the best gift I had given to my niece.

Offers at Zoomin

Today, I use Zoomin for all my printing needs. The print quality is good, and the metallic prints and really great. The pricing is wallet friendly, and mostly there are multiple offers running – which can effectively decrease the price to 20% to 50%. Festival offers are mostly available for Holi, Diwali, Christmas and New Year. Additionally offers run for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
What I usually do is, upload the pictures and templates as and when they are ready, and get it printed during these off season. Result: Good quality photo books at a pocket friendly price.


Pricing at Zoomin:

I am not sure about the pricing of all the items at Zoomin. What I have been using is the 8.5 x 11 (Size of an A4 sheet) sized hard bound books. I first printed the book with ordinary matte paper, and for the last book I used premium silk paper. The result was extremely different, and at the same time, the price difference is marginal. So my suggestion is to go for the Premium ones, while choosing the hard bound books .


Templates and Easy books

One thing I dislike about Zoomin is the lack of templates. If you have looked through international sites like Blurb or Shutterfly, the templates and the available easy books would disappoint you. But, there are some good options, if you open to different sized books. I am a Project Lifer, ( you can read more about it in my previous posts – here, here and here) and hence uses my typical pages. Maybe, that is why I am not much of a fan of these templates.


Zoomin Services

The service has always been very prompt, and I usually receive the books, very neatly packed with three to four working days. The packing and delivery are always prompt, and I for one, have had no qualms. Last time, some of my pages had a dark tinge, and that I felt was a printing error. But, owing to the difference in monitor colours and page colours, I am okay with it. In case there is any major issues, you can call them up and address your issue. I did not have any such issues, so I am clueless about their refunding and reprinting policies.


Conclusion about Zoomin

I would definitely suggest to try printing with Zoomin. My humble request to all mothers out there – please do not let those happy memories stay in the dark corners of your hard disks – let your creative juice run, and make some cute documentary books for you to devour once these little angels grow up. They also make the best gift for birthdays and anniversaries.
Still not sure whether to try this out? Comment, and I will help you out with my personal experience.
Disclaimer: All views are my own, and this is NOT a sponsored post.
Would like to thank Sadiya Salim for this write up. Do checkout her blog page for some amazing write ups:

The Summer Adventure Storybook

March 14, 2013 at 7:37 am


Each day our production staff prints, assembles and ships out one fantastic creation after another. Many of which get us to scratch our heads and think, “Wow, what a great idea!”  That got us thinking… why not showcase the creativity of the ZoomIn community? So every few weeks we will share with you some of our favorite user creations (with their permission of course!). First up… a Photo Book created by Kavita!

Kavita’s Photo Book caught our eye because she created a colorful storybook about her children’s summer

Kavita's fun summer adventure with her kids!

Kavita’s fun summer adventure with her kids!

adventures. We loved her unique use of the Photo Book and had to find out more!  Here’s what she had to say…

We loved how you created a storybook featuring your daughters. Can you tell us more about the creation and what inspired you to create it?

I created a summer adventures storybook for my 6 year old so she could see what a great summer she had even though we didn’t take out of town trips like her friends.  Instead, we did a lot of fun things in the city that we live in. I basically created the Photo Book using all the mobile phone photos I had taken over the summer – visiting the zoo, park, museum and waterpark; attending the dance show; hanging out with grandparents and cousins; haircut at the salon(!); and play dates. Everything went into the Photo Book. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly quick to make!

 What did you and your daughters think when the Photo Book arrived?

Both my older daughter and I were floored.  It was gorgeous and reminded us both what a great summer we had.  Even though we didn’t take a trip to the beach or someplace nice, and we just stayed home, we did so many fun things that it was truly a grand summer. My six-year old daughter ended up taking it to school and proudly sharing the book with her teachers and classmates by reading it out loud for them. She looks through it several times a week. It worked out to be a great (and cheap!) marketing tool for what a great summer mom and dad had given her. 😉

Notice how Kavita has laid out photos differently on both sides and used different designs on each page

Do you have any tips for creating a storybook Photo Book?

I created a story around the photos that I wanted to include. On each page I added text so that it read like a storybook.  In my case, my daughters were the main characters and the story that I wrote was about the fun adventures they had over the summer. For the design, I used the pastel colored backgrounds with polka dots and stripes, which looked very sweet (Baby theme).  Next time, I might experiment and keep the background plain white, as that would resemble a typical storybook more.

Thanks so much for sharing, Kavita!  If you’re interested in creating a Photo Book just like Kavita’s, here are the steps:

1)    Click here and select Softcover Flipbook. Select 8.5×11 Flipbook.

2)    For theme, select Baby and Kids > Baby and then press Next Step button

3)    Select the photos you would like to include. Press Next Step button.

4)    To change up the backgrounds like Kavita did, click the “Customize” button and then browse our library of backgrounds.  The backgrounds Kavita used can be found in the Baby folder. To add text, click on the “Text” tab and start typing.


We hope you’ve been inspired by Kavita’s storybook like we have!  If you have any questions about our Photo Books, check out our Photo Book FAQs.  It covers all sorts of great info like how to make a Photo Book and helpful tips on how to create the perfect book.   Have fun!

What is a Photo Book?

February 28, 2013 at 11:33 pm

Hello fellow ZoomIners! We noticed that many of you have been wondering as to what a Photo Book exactly is. So to clear the air we had a quick chat with our beloved Photo Book! Read on for excerpts from the conversation…

ZI: ZoomIn
PB: Photo Book

ZI: Hi! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

PB: Sure! I am the ZoomIn Photo Book, the new age and much improved substitute to Photo albums. Think of me as a coffee table or magazine style book which not only includes your digital photos, but also gives you a chance to personalize through various backgrounds, cliparts and text.

I have been around for a while now and have a big family too. We are quite a diverse lot and come in various sizes, finishes, prices, etc. Click here  to see our entire family tree.  What binds all of us together is the sheer joy that we get from helping you preserve your memories in your own fun and unique way!   In fact, when I was featured on the cover of Times magazine, I was called ‘The Memory Keeper’.


The ZoomIn Flipbook

The Flipbook – Our magazine styled Photo Book!


ZI: A ‘Memory Keeper’? That’s so cool! So people look at you during special occasions?

PB: To tell you the truth, ever since I made it to the cover of Times magazine, I’ve been type casted.  You don’t really need an occasion to call me. You can use me every day. However, with that said I do see a lot of people using me during special occasions such as:

  • Documenting their baby’s milestones
  • Reliving their awesome travels
  • Saying “Happy Birthday,” “I Love You,” or “Happy Anniversary”
  • Creating unique gifts for special holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Rakhsha Bandhan, etc
  • Capturing engagement and wedding memories
  • Sharing a memorable year with loved ones
  • Giving old albums a second life by converting them into digital Photo Books
  • Showcasing their professional work to clients


Although, if you ask me, there’s plenty of other times you can call on me. Some of my recent favorites are:

  • A gardening book
  • A dedication to my favorite sports person/sports team
  • A cookbook full of recipes
  • Collection of best photos
  • A school’s cricket team
  • A Mother’s memories


"How I Grew Up!"

Here’s an interesting concept – This book covers a baby girl’s first 5 years, right from the time she was born.

Think about it this way – anytime you’re looking to preserve your memories in your own unique way, I’m here! I’m always bringing about a rush of mirth and happiness wherever I go.


ZI: That’s quite a statement to make! You’ve been told that?

PB: I know it sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet here, but let me illustrate through a couple of recent testimonials that I received…

“My sisters and I almost burst into tears when we saw the mold on our parents’ wedding photos. We quickly scanned the remaining good photos and then thought of creating their wedding Photo Book! We chose a complete vintage look-n-feel theme and a leather cover. Kept it really simple since their beautiful black and white photos spoke volumes! My parents were so overwhelmed. I think it’s the best gift we’ve given them”

“We were expecting our first child and I was trying to figure out what I could give my wife as we were entering a new phase of our lives. During that time, I came across and learned about Photo Books being a way to tell your story. So I started working on a flipbook that walked us down memory lane, starting from when we met,  to our wedding and finally to our recent trip together. My wife was really surprised with my creativity and loved it! I’ll need to start making the sequels once our child arrives!”


ZI: Wow! They make it sound so effortless!

PB: That’s because it actually is! All I ask for is a bit of your time. How much you’d like to devote though is completely up to you! If you have a fair amount of time on your hands, you can sit down and I will offer you full freedom to create and customize me the way you want.  We can spend a few hours together and I promise you a memory that will last a lifetime.

Of course, if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can check with my niece the ‘Express Book’. She comes pre-designed and in turn, tends to be quick with her work. Various themes with readily designed photo place holders and the option to add text wherever you may please. What more could you possibly want!


Freedom of creativity through various customization options!

Freedom of Creativity – Add as many photos to a page as you may please, tilt, crop, add a background, a border, clipart, text, convert to black & white and various other customization options!

That’s all that we have for now! Although we’ve been promised one more interview real soon, so keep checking this space.

If you have more questions about what a Photo Book is, click here.

New & Improved Creation Builder – No Uploads Required!

January 25, 2013 at 8:03 am

We’ve all been there. Uploading photos to make a creation can take time, energy and test patience. But what if we eliminated that step all together? What if you could access all the photos you have on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Picasa with a simple click of the mouse?

Our better than ever creation builder does just that. It gives you the option to access all those photos without having to upload them to our site. Is this something to get excited about? We think so! Here’s why:

1. No need to upload photos as long as they have already been uploaded to one of the sites mentioned above. Huge time saver!

2. Access all your photos from a single location. Makes it easier to filter through all the photos and select your favorite ones to add to the creation. Talk about convenience!

So if you’re wondering how you can access this great new feature, here are the steps:

1. Select the product you’d like to create. Press the “Create” button which will launch the product builder.


2. Once inside the builder, click on the “My Photos” tab located towards the bottom of the screen. (Circled in green below).


3. Once “My Photos” opens, click on the photo sharing site that you would like to access. When prompted, enter your log in credentials and tadaa! All your albums from that site appear inside the product builder.

Try it out and see for yourself how terrific this new feature is! (And psst… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Wouldn’t a photo book make for the perfect V-Day gift?) If you do run into any issues, we’re happy to help out. Just contact us at with any questions you may have. Thanks and enjoy!

Up the photo fun factor!

March 26, 2012 at 1:30 pm

We’re excited to announce we’ve launch our new photo editing tool. The new editor transforms your photos quickly and easily.  While it’s feature packed, it’s still super easy to use.  Here are some of the most exciting aspects of the tool.

Enhance your photos.  Ever think “this photo would be perfect if only the lighting was better or it wasn’t as blurry?” Our photo editor tool helps correct some of these common challenges at just the click of a button!


Apply effects for an artistic touch. The new tool has more than 10 effect filters to add an artistic dimension to your photos.


Feeling silly?  Add stickers.  When looking to express your sense of humor, add stickers, speech bubbles or text.


To access the editor, select a photo from an album on your My ZoomIn page (or upload a new photo).  Press the “Edit Photo” button and the editing tool will open.

Get your photo albums in order

March 18, 2011 at 11:39 am

We had to temporarily disable the ability the ability to organize your ZoomIn photo albums.  We’re happy to report that this nifty feature is back.  You can now:

  1. Move and Copy photos between albums
  2. Delete photos en masse
  3. Rearrange your photos in a specific sequence

To access this feature, open the album you want to organize.  Then click on the Album Options dropdown and select Organize photos.


If you would like to move your photos around to organize them by month or year, or you inadvertently created an extra large album or you want to separate out some photos into a new album that you want to share – you need to use Album Organize.  Check it out and let us know what you think

Faster photo uploads = Speedy

March 18, 2011 at 8:04 am

We are pleased to make the best photo upload tool on the web even better!  A big enhancement was quietly released last week to the online photo uploader on ZoomIn.  Now upload your photos even faster with Speedy! 

Click on Add Photos once you have signed in to your account.  The uploader has an Edit preferences button that will allow you to turn on Speedy Upload

Upload Preferences

When using Speedy Upload, your photos will be compressed to their most optimum size and the upload will go even faster. Unless you plan on ordering very large canvas prints or poster – this is the best option for a fast upload experience.


  We hope you enjoy this enhancement to make using ZoomIn even more convenient.

Gift Wrap and Message Card

July 20, 2010 at 6:26 am

Just introduced on ZoomIn are two fantastic options when your order is a gift for someone.  Gift Message Card is a high quality card that will be printed with your own personal message.  This card is included with your order and is a great way to send a short note to the person receiving the gift.  For just Rs. 30 per card, you can select from 3 stylish templates and include a personal note. 

We will print your Message Card on high quality note card stock and enclose it in a custom envelope.  Order your card during checkout – pick a style, enter your message and you are all set!

Gift Message Card

We have also launched a Gift Wrap service where your order will be expertly wrapped in beautiful Gift Wrap.  It adds that special touch when shipping a gift directly to a loved one.  All Gift Wrapped items are securely packaged in an extra layer of packaging to protect the wrap from damage during transit.   Select from 6 wrap styles – created for every occasion.  You can add this service in Checkout, after you enter a shipping address.

Gift Wrap

Prepaid Packs – Save up to 30%

May 21, 2010 at 8:55 am


Today we introduced a great way to save on prints in your favorite sizes.   Regardless of the quantity of prints you are purchasing today, you can “lock in” great savings based on what you will buy throughout the year.

ZoomIn Prepaid Packs are our BEST DISCOUNTS on many print sizes. When you buy a pack, you are paying in advance for a quantity of prints and getting an upfront discount applied to your purchase. The best part is you can redeem your pack anytime over the next 12 months.

You can buy a pack from the Prepaid Pack home page where you can see the various packs currently available for your print size.  Remember to purchase the largest pack based on what you will purchase over the next year – this will allow you to get the best discount.


You can also buy a pack during Checkout.  After you enter your shipping address, under Discounts you can see all available Packs.  You can apply the savings from the Pack to the prints already in your shopping cart.  packs-buy

To redeem a Pack, add the prints to your shopping cart and Checkout as you normally would.  Then, under discounts, update the number of prints you want to redeem from your available balance.  packs-redeem

Your remaining Pack balance is valid for a full year from the date of the Pack purchase.  You can monitor your expiry date and balance in My Account – under Prepaid Packs.


Some important conditions do apply.  Packs are non-refundable, cannot be exchanged or transferred and are not combinable with other discounts.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to save on your print purchases.  If you have any questions or need help, please do contact us.

Yes, you can – pay by cash.

May 10, 2009 at 6:32 am

ZoomIn has always offered a wide variety of payment options. You can pay for your orders with Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Debit Cards and even PayPal.  But we do realize that not everyone has access to a credit card and many of you have asked for a Cash on Delivery or a  check payment option

Pay@Store Starting today, we are thrilled to offer the fastest and easiest way to pay in cash – Pay@Store!

The MobileStoreYou can now pay for your ZoomIn orders at over 1300 neighborhood The MobileStore locations in India.

Here is how it works.  When shopping from India, you will see a new tab in our payment options – Pay By Cash.

Pay by Cash Tab

Use the Store Locator and search for a Pay@Store location near you.  This includes every The MobileStore location in India.

Once you have found a store near you, you should confirm your mobile number and click on Submit Order.

After your order has been placed, you will receive an SMS with your order number.  Take this order number to any The MobileStore location right away and make your payment.  You will receive instant confirmation by SMS (in most cases while you are still at the store) and your order will now be processed and shipped to your home.

Just ensure that you leave the store either with a SMS confirmation of payment or a printed receipt acknowledging payment.

We think this is the fastest and most convenient cash payment option for our customers.  Do try it for your next ZoomIn order and let us know what you think!