4 Tips To Clicking Awesome Baby Photos!

March 30, 2015 at 6:01 am

Taking photos of your little one is more like an art form and adventure than anything else. Capture all the giggles, smiles, tears, and everything in between with these 5 simple tips that we’ve put together just for you:

  • Don’t be afraid to get silly: Keeping the attention of a baby during a photo shoot is definitely a task. The trick is not being afraid to get silly – use puppets, a favorite toy and even crazy sounds.


Be Silly: The more you

Be Silly: The more you let go and enjoy yourself, the better your photo will be!


  • Fast Shutter Speed: Babies are always on the go! You are lucky if they will slow down long enough to get a kiss in – that is why it is always important to increase your shutter speed to freeze them midway through their actions. The faster your camera is, the quicker you can grab that perfect shot.
  • Everything is better in multiples: We all know babies aren’t always the model photography subjects. They tend to do everything besides what you need them to. To help offset those not so glamorous shots take more than one photo at a time – then you can look through it later to grab ‘The One’.


Click away! Click as many photos as possible.

Click away: Click as many photos as possible. This photo is a combination of a fast shutter speed and the camera ‘Burst mode’. Phew!


  • Shoot through the imperfect moments: Babies don’t always throw tantrums, but when they do they are pretty epic. Regardless the mood, or unplanned moments capture them all! There will always be a beautiful shot among all the chaos.

No matter the difficulties photographing your baby may bring, there is nothing more beautiful than an amazing photo to record those little moments you’ll want to remember tomorrow and hold onto forever.

Now go on, grab a camera and get creative – you’ll thank yourself in the end.



What tips have helped you photograph your little one? We’d love to know.

The Canvas Wow Factor

November 13, 2013 at 12:19 am

Drawing room

A ZoomIn Canvas Print is art created by you and is truly a masterpiece. Just about any image that has meaning to you or the person you have in mind would look fantastic.  Family portraits, closeup pictures of children, or beautiful shots from a holiday lend themselves well for canvas prints.

While a single canvas is beautiful on its own, multiplying the impact by creating a canvas collage is a truly stunning idea.When you have an amazing collection of pictures and want to show them off, a canvas photo wall collage is your answer.  Your collection could be your child’s first 6 months, solo pictures of family members, pictures from each decade – the possibilities are endless. Surprisingly for the “wow” factor created, the canvas print wall collage is  a snap to make!

Creating a Canvas Print Wall Collage

1) Decide on the theme of your collage, keeping in mind the person you’re making it for.

2) Select a suitable layout for the collage – you could create a collage of same sizes or different sizes.

3) Pick the photos to place into each slot.

3)   Place your order on zoomin.com. Check out our Helpdesk FAQs if you have questions.

If you’re creating the canvas collage for yourself, roll up your sleeves and get ready to hang when your prints arrive. When it comes to hanging your personalized canvas prints, the last thing you want to do is start making too many holes in your walls. So here’s a quick trick.  Tape together several pieces of newspaper and place on the floor.  Place your prints on top of the paper and arrange them in the layout you want.  With a pencil, trace around each print.  Remove the prints and tape the paper to your wall.  Now you can see exactly where to hammer in the nails and whether any adjustments need to be made to the layout!

We hope you’ve been inspired and have gotten those wheels turning! As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our Helpdesk.

ZoomIn’s Guide to Low Light Photography

October 11, 2013 at 7:58 am

The festive season is here! Time to celebrate with lots of dancing, fireworks and music! Naturally these are moments that you want to capture and cherish. However sometimes capturing these moments in the dark can be a bit difficult. In the spirit of the festive season, we wanted to share three quick tips to capture your moments, even if the moments are poorly lit.

1. Increase ISO, decrease aperture: Increase the ISO and you will be able to shoot better in low light conditions. At the same time also decrease the aperture to allow more light to come into the camera as this will result in a brighter photo.

2. Try not to use the flash: Use the light from the surroundings to your advantage. This way you’ll get a more “natural photo”. Stand close to the source of light to ensure that your subject is well lit up. You can use the flash if you want to highlight a single element of your photo.


Avoid using the flash

Avoid using the flash: Notice how the photo has been captured without using a flash and still stands out. Photo courtesy www.sulekha.com

3. Stability: The more stable your camera is the the more sharper your photos will be! Tripods and monopods come in very handy in such cases.

Hope these tips help you click better photos during the night!

ZoomIn’s Guide to Portrait Photography – Part III

May 26, 2013 at 11:52 pm

We’re back with the final post of our 3 part guide on how to click great portrait photos (In Part I   we covered Composition and in Part II we covered Light and Background)  In this last post, we will cover the importance of ‘Posing’ and the ‘Mood’ of your photo…

Pose: It would help sometimes to get your subject to pose for you. And by pose, I don’t mean your run off the mill “say cheese” pose. There’s a way in which you can get the best out of your subject and here’s how to do it:

Tilt the body/head: A slight tilt of the head or tilt of the body, depending on how much of the subject you have chosen to capture in your shot, will always bring about interest. It creates a rather different approach to the photo than the same age old ‘head-held-straight-and-smiling’ pose.

Look away: Sometimes not looking directly into the camera is also a good option. Get your subject  to look away in another direction and leave enough space towards that particular direction while composing your photo. This will generate a lot of curiosity in terms of what the subject is looking at or is looking towards.


Posing: A slight tilt of the head will always bring about some interest.

Posing: A slight tilt of the head will always bring about some interest.


Mood: Finally, most portrait photos will carry a ‘mood’ along with them. It could be a happy mood if your subject is all smiles, a ‘thoughtful’ mood if the subject is shown sitting and pondering about something, an ‘informational’ mood if your subject is reading a newspaper, so on and so forth. It is extremely important that the mood of the photo is conveyed through the click, because this is exactly what will make the viewer think “Wow, that’s a really nice photo!”


Mood: Most portrait photos will communicate a mood through them. This one expresses mischief.

Mood: Most portrait photos will communicate a mood through them. This one expresses mischief.


There you go! Now you’re all  geared up and ready to take a go at portrait photos. Happy clicking and do share your thoughts along the way!

ZoomIn’s guide to Portrait Photography – Part II

May 16, 2013 at 6:23 am

We’re back with the 2nd part to our guide on how to click great portrait photos! While part 1 covered Composition, in this part I’ll cover the importance of Light and Background. Here goes…

Light: Light plays a crucial role in photography. A few things to bear in mind before you push the shutter button:

  • Natural light: As with all other forms of photography, natural light is the best form under which a photo can be captured. Ensuring that there is plenty of light on your subject will reduce the chances of grains, which in turn will get you a  clean and crisp photo.
  • Sunrise/Sunset: The different timings of the day and corresponding type of light do help to add a unique look to your photo. The early morning sun can provide a very fresh and crisp feeling to the photo and the evening setting sun can bring about a dramatic and dreamy feel to the photo.
  • Flash: Every photographer’s enemy – The Flash. Most people complain about how the use of flash white washes their photo completely or how it ruins the artificial light that they try to capture. However if mastered, not only will you use this right, but you can also manipulate it to get the desired results. Nowadays, on more advanced point and shoot cameras and DSLR’s, the flash settings can be manually set. The intensity of the flash can be adjusted to your taste so as to not over expose the subject’s skin completely. Explore this option in your camera settings. You’ll be surprised with what the results look like!


Clicking a photo during the sunset can have quite an impactful output!

Light: Clicking a photo during the sunset can have quite an impactful output!


Background: When it comes to portrait photography and the background, there’s one and only one tip that I have for you – keep it clean. The cleaner and more distant your background is from your subject, the lesser the distractions. This way, the only point of interest in your photo would be your subject. Just make sure that the color of the background and the subject isn’t too similar as this would blend the subject into the background.

Sometimes a contrast in terms of the background can help as well. Having a brightly lit background and keeping your subject a little darker can provide a striking effect – or doing it the other way around can help too! This will surely make your subject stand out in the photo.

Background: A brightly lit background and a darker subject can create a contrasting, yet impressive effect!

Background: A brightly lit background and a darker subject can create a contrasting, yet impressive effect!


Well that’s it for now. Keep a check for the third and final part of this post which will cover the ‘Pose’ and ‘Mood’ factor of portrait photos.

ZoomIn’s guide to Portrait Photography – Part I

May 8, 2013 at 11:28 pm

Portrait photos have always been popular. And in today’s connected world everyone wants a really great portrait photo for their profiles! So we are bringing you  a basic guide on how to capture a  good portrait photo in  a series of three posts. Today’s post will cover composition….

Composition: The process of putting your photo together, i.e. ‘Composition’, is arguably the most important aspect of capturing a good portrait shot. The placement or arrangement of your subject in the photo is extremely important. Here are a few pointers:

  • Off Center: A good rule in composing a portrait would be to keep your subject off the centre of the photo. Keeping your subject towards either side of the photo proves to be more interesting. This tends to creates a lot of interest and drama, and will work almost every time. With that said, try not to compose every photo in this manner as the results would then become quite repetitive.
  • Fill frame: The crux of portrait photos is to highlight one single element – your subject. One way of getting this done is by ensuring you fill the frame of your shot with the subject – around 70% of your photo should comprise of the subject. This means that you need to get up close to the subject or zoom in. It is possible that your subject’s features might get cropped in the process, but that’s a call you can take- does it look fine or a bit strange?
  • Focus: As mentioned above, you really need to concentrate on your subject. To get a  good output, you need to make it a point to focus only on the subject and the rest can be set out of focus. Don’t forget that the eyes are the window to one’s soul. So focus on your subject’s eyes while taking that shot!
An attractive click: This photo is a perfect blend of all the points discussed above.

Composition: This photo is a perfect blend of all the points discussed above. The subject lies towards one side of the photo, occupies most of the frame and the focus also, is solely on the subject. While the top of the subject’s head is slightly cropped, the overall effect still looks good.

Part II will focus on Light and Background and Part III will focus on Pose, Mood and other pointers. Stay tuned…


3 Inspired Ways to Display Your Holi Photo Collection

March 28, 2013 at 5:51 am

We hope everyone had a fun, safe and colorful Holi!  We recently shared some Holi Photo Tips and advice on how to keep your camera safe during the festivities.  Hopefully you found the posts useful and snapped some amazing shots.  So now the question is, what to do with all the stunning images captured?

Create a portfolio with your most impressive shots 

Holi photo book

When you have an amazing collection of pictures, we love the idea of creating a portfolio just like a professional photographer might do.  A portfolio photo book is another creative use of the photo book and surprisingly for the “wow” factor created, they are a snap to make!  Especially for Holi, we’ve launched a Holi themed photobook so that you can easily turn your photo collection into a portfolio filled with your best shots from the day.  If you’re new to photo books, make sure to check out our Photo Books FAQs.

Holi Photo Collage Poster

Create a collage poster… or two

Let’s say you and your friends had a great time playing and everyone captured amazing moments that you want to display on your wall.  A collage poster is a fun, personalised and creative way to share those moments.  And if you and your friends have already uploaded the pictures to Facebook/Instagram/Picassa/Flickr, there’s no need to upload any photos.  You can directly access the photos from inside our product builder.

Select your favorite photos and try out our new Colour Burst collage poster.  We not only have matte and non tearable options, but magnetic posters as well.  Our collage posters now start at only Rs. 99 so go ahead and create more more than one!

Colored Photo Mugs

Photo mugs are always a great choice for displaying your favorite moments.  But they become even more fun color-mug (1)when a bit of colour is added.  Select your favorite Holi images and choose the photo mug colour that matches!  Coloured photo mugs are available in blue, green, red, yellow and black.

We hope these ideas have inspired you and have gotten those wheels in your mind turning!  To help you along, through the end of the month we have deals on express books, magnets and coloured mugs. Check out our ZoomIn Deals page for more details. If you have any questions on the products mentioned in the post, please do check out our Helpdesk FAQs.  Enjoy!

Camera Care During Holi

March 26, 2013 at 7:38 am

Holi’s almost here and by now you would have surely seen a number of people walking with their faces covered in ‘Gulaal’ or some other holi-favored color. We want you to be ready and equipped to capture those amazing Holi moments. Last week in part 1 of a 2 part series to get you prepared for this can’t miss festival, we shared photo tips to deal with the harsh midday sun.

Precious Memories

Precious memories – Don’t want to miss them now, do we?

In this second part, we would like to concentrate more on the safety of your photo capturing gizmo, be it a camera or even a mobile phone.

Zip Lock Bag – The universal solution: 

It would work best to just have a small zip lock bag, which can store your phone/camera safely. While this would sound risky, trust us, this is the best alternative available. You can find a zip lock bag at most local shops and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket either!

If you feel this is not a viable option, you can take your phone/camera, wrap it around in a plastic bag and either stick it up with cellophane/duct tape or good old rubber bands. While this may sound crazy, if done properly (basically wrapped over 2-3 times on the device) your precious device dry will remain dry.

Housing kits – The more professional approach:

Well, of course there are professional alternatives out there! While they may set you back a few bucks, these housing kits are meant to survive underwater expeditions, so Holi as such, should be a cinch! And guess what – they’re available in two different types: one for everyday Point and Shoots and one for the bulkier DSLR’s. Plus, there’s a lot more where these came from! Click here to check out the entire range.


Dicapac WP 410

The Dicapac WP 410 – Fits the bill for your Point & Shoot


And hey – you’re not paying up for nothing!  You can always reuse these kits too! Maybe the next time you go swimming. Hope these tips help you. Here’s to a happy and safe Holi – from all of us snappers at ZoomIn.

3 Must Know Tips For Taking Beautiful Holi Photos

March 18, 2013 at 11:49 am

Holi is just around the corner!  Are you ready and equipped to capture amazing Holi moments? If not, our post will get you prepared for this can’t miss festival. Today we’ll be sharing photo tips to deal with the harsh midday sun. Now let’s get started!


Hands down, the Golden Hour (the first and last hour of sunlight in a day) is the ideal time to shoot.  But during Holi, you’ll of course want to whip out your camera at all times of the day – including midday when the sun is directly overhead and is at its strongest. During this time of day, harsh shadows and highlights will be a challenge. As a photographer, you’ll need to compensate to avoid whitewashed photos and dark shadows which take detail away from your images. But never fear! We have three quick tips to help you out.

Move in closer

The midday sun results in loss of photographic detail. This is because your camera has a difficult time interpreting highlights and shadows.  Moving physically closer to the subject removes some of these highlights and shadows, simplifies composition and as a result brings detail back into your photograph.

Take advantage of shade

Avoid direct sunlight and make use of any form of shade as much as you can.  Some examples of shade would be trees, bushes and buildings. Utilizing the shade will help minimize highlights and dark shadows.

Use fill flash

It may seem counter-intuitive, but when you’re photographing portraits, utilizing your camera’s flash will help illuminate your subject’s face and minimize the harsh shadows cast by the sun, particularly around the eyes. Most cameras will allow you to adjust the intensity of the flash. Adjust your flash’s intensity down a bit, take a test photo and then adjust as necessary.

That’s it for now on the clicking front!  We hope these tips help you capture some good Holi photos.

If you’re looking to print any of your Holi photos, now is the time to do so.  Our Buy One Get One FREE sale on Photo Prints is running from now through Monday, March 9. Best part is there’s no code required – redeem the offer directly in-app! Go on, your favorite photo moments will look better on the wall than on a disk in a drawer.

What is a Photo Book?

February 28, 2013 at 11:33 pm

Hello fellow ZoomIners! We noticed that many of you have been wondering as to what a Photo Book exactly is. So to clear the air we had a quick chat with our beloved Photo Book! Read on for excerpts from the conversation…

ZI: ZoomIn
PB: Photo Book

ZI: Hi! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

PB: Sure! I am the ZoomIn Photo Book, the new age and much improved substitute to Photo albums. Think of me as a coffee table or magazine style book which not only includes your digital photos, but also gives you a chance to personalize through various backgrounds, cliparts and text.

I have been around for a while now and have a big family too. We are quite a diverse lot and come in various sizes, finishes, prices, etc. Click here  to see our entire family tree.  What binds all of us together is the sheer joy that we get from helping you preserve your memories in your own fun and unique way!   In fact, when I was featured on the cover of Times magazine, I was called ‘The Memory Keeper’.


The ZoomIn Flipbook

The Flipbook – Our magazine styled Photo Book!


ZI: A ‘Memory Keeper’? That’s so cool! So people look at you during special occasions?

PB: To tell you the truth, ever since I made it to the cover of Times magazine, I’ve been type casted.  You don’t really need an occasion to call me. You can use me every day. However, with that said I do see a lot of people using me during special occasions such as:

  • Documenting their baby’s milestones
  • Reliving their awesome travels
  • Saying “Happy Birthday,” “I Love You,” or “Happy Anniversary”
  • Creating unique gifts for special holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Rakhsha Bandhan, etc
  • Capturing engagement and wedding memories
  • Sharing a memorable year with loved ones
  • Giving old albums a second life by converting them into digital Photo Books
  • Showcasing their professional work to clients


Although, if you ask me, there’s plenty of other times you can call on me. Some of my recent favorites are:

  • A gardening book
  • A dedication to my favorite sports person/sports team
  • A cookbook full of recipes
  • Collection of best photos
  • A school’s cricket team
  • A Mother’s memories


"How I Grew Up!"

Here’s an interesting concept – This book covers a baby girl’s first 5 years, right from the time she was born.

Think about it this way – anytime you’re looking to preserve your memories in your own unique way, I’m here! I’m always bringing about a rush of mirth and happiness wherever I go.


ZI: That’s quite a statement to make! You’ve been told that?

PB: I know it sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet here, but let me illustrate through a couple of recent testimonials that I received…

“My sisters and I almost burst into tears when we saw the mold on our parents’ wedding photos. We quickly scanned the remaining good photos and then thought of creating their wedding Photo Book! We chose a complete vintage look-n-feel theme and a leather cover. Kept it really simple since their beautiful black and white photos spoke volumes! My parents were so overwhelmed. I think it’s the best gift we’ve given them”

“We were expecting our first child and I was trying to figure out what I could give my wife as we were entering a new phase of our lives. During that time, I came across zoomin.com and learned about Photo Books being a way to tell your story. So I started working on a flipbook that walked us down memory lane, starting from when we met,  to our wedding and finally to our recent trip together. My wife was really surprised with my creativity and loved it! I’ll need to start making the sequels once our child arrives!”


ZI: Wow! They make it sound so effortless!

PB: That’s because it actually is! All I ask for is a bit of your time. How much you’d like to devote though is completely up to you! If you have a fair amount of time on your hands, you can sit down and I will offer you full freedom to create and customize me the way you want.  We can spend a few hours together and I promise you a memory that will last a lifetime.

Of course, if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can check with my niece the ‘Express Book’. She comes pre-designed and in turn, tends to be quick with her work. Various themes with readily designed photo place holders and the option to add text wherever you may please. What more could you possibly want!


Freedom of creativity through various customization options!

Freedom of Creativity – Add as many photos to a page as you may please, tilt, crop, add a background, a border, clipart, text, convert to black & white and various other customization options!

That’s all that we have for now! Although we’ve been promised one more interview real soon, so keep checking this space.

If you have more questions about what a Photo Book is, click here.