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Is Your Life a Mess? ZoomIn Can Help You Feel Organized

May 6, 2008 at 7:57 pm

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the “stuff” in your life: phones, computers, cameras, power cords, books, files, cd’s, dvd’s, and more? This is only a short list of the things in our world that add to what some call the “mess” in our lives.

There are lots of websites and blogs dedicated to helping you organize your possessions and “unclutter” your life. Whether you believe that clutter is the bane of your existence or just evidence that you have a life to live, ZoomIn has a way for you to organize your digital photos to make them easier to share and purchase prints.

With ZoomIn we’ve made it easy for you to upload your digital photos and made it easy to organize them once they’re on ZoomIn. If you upload your entire ‘roll’ into a single album, in a few simple clicks you can move selected photos to existing or new albums.

For example, say you just downloaded a bunch of photos from your camera to your PC that include shots from a wedding, an afternoon hike, and a dinner at your mother’s house. It’s easy enough to just upload all those photos in one batch to a single album on ZoomIn.

Next, you might want to share the wedding photos with your friends that were also there but you don’t think they want to see your hiking trip or the visit with your mother.

Use the “Organize” tab

ZoomIn Organize tab

When you are viewing your album, click the Organize tab to select the wedding photos and move them to a new album. Now when you are in that new ‘wedding’ album you can share it with those friends you promised to e-mail. Now they can see your wedding shots and even order prints — and earn you credits for free prints when they do!

Under the Organize tab, you can also perform other tasks such as deleting photos, adding or removing tags, or adding locations to groups of photos.

As you can see, by easily breaking up a large album of photos into smaller albums, you can now share smaller distinct photo albums with friends and family. Sharing the right photos with the right people makes you look organized and, perhaps, feel organized…if that’s important to you.

Try it now.

Your Photos – Not Ours

April 18, 2008 at 6:15 am

Before – and since – the founding of the DataPortability Project at the end of 2007 “data portability” has been a hot topic.

The DataPortability Project describes their philosophy:

“As users, our identity, photos, videos and other forms of personal data should be discoverable by, and shared between our chosen (and trusted) tools or vendors.”

The staggering list of social aggregator sites and personal content storage options on the Web today provides us all with unprecedented choice in how and where we store our ‘stuff’ and how we share it.

Too often, in order to choose the best options, we end up loading the same videos and photos onto multiple sites. Wouldn’t it be better to add that content to one site and then move, copy, import or access our photos and videos without multiple uploads?

As companies have trended toward being more open and transparent over the past few years, it’s refreshing to see the next logical steps toward transparency: between companies – or at least between their applications.

Last year we saw FaceBook provide a way for anyone to build an application on its platform with very little restriction (yes, the ZoomIn Facebook app is in the works.).

Google responded with OpenSocial, a ‘standardized’ API for sharing data between social applications and sites.

We believe ZoomIn is working to support data portability:

  • You can import your photos from Flickr and Picasa thanks to their APIs and our easy-to-use interface.
  • We also provide the means, through the same easy-to-use interface, to send photos back to Flickr and Picasa.
  • You can import your e-mail address book from popular services like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.
  • You can also export your entire address book as a CSV file.
  • We will always allow you to download your original photos, either individually or as an album to your PC or Mac. They don’t expire or disappear.
  • We allow you to share your photos through e-mail, by posting links to your albums, or by embedding slideshows in any site that supports embedding.
  • We believe that they’re your photos; you’ll always have access to them. We just hope you take advantage of ZoomIn’s top-quality prints along the way. 😉
  • We’re actively exploring using OpenId as a way for you to bring your existing userid credentials along with you to use on ZoomIn.

If you think there are ways that ZoomIn can provide more portability for you, we want to hear it. Are there other sites you want us to work with? Other ways you want to share your photos? Let us know here.

ZoomIn On the Go!

March 26, 2008 at 5:54 am

Like a lot of our customers, we at ZoomIn always feel like we’re on the go. When we’re on the go, we love to take photos with our mobile phones to capture what we do and what we see. 

Today we introduce a new feature that many of our customers — and just about everyone here in the office — have been asking for: Upload by E-Mail.

When you log in to your ZoomIn account, you’ll see a box that provides you an email address you can use to send your mobile photos to your ZoomIn account directly from your mobile device. Specify an album to deliver your mobile pix to or let them flow into your default “My Mobile Photos” album.

Upload by E-Mail Features:

  • Send one or many photos in a single email.
  • Tag and Title the photos directly in the email.
  • Forward photos you received from others.
  • Log in and read instructions here.

Share On the Go
Take advantage of ZoomIn’s advanced sharing capabilities by emailing your photos to an album you’ve shared with friends and family. They will be able to always to see what new photos you’ve snapped while you are on the go.

Maximize Memories by Crowd Sharing
Going to a wedding with friends? Set up a photo album before the wedding and direct your mobile photos there. Share the  email address with other friends at the wedding. (Share responsibly! But don’t worry — you can change the upload email address at any time to prevent abuse!)

Your friends will be able to email their own photos from their mobile phones to your album. Share your album with them and they’ll be able to see the wedding from everyone’s point of view and buy their own prints.

Make a Zoomini Book out of your group album. Give the happy couple a gift they will always cherish — their wedding seen through the eyes of their closest friends!

If you have ideas on how to make the most of mobile uploading and all that ZoomIn has to offer, we’d love to hear from you. We want you to make the most of your digital photos — wherever you take them. 

In the meantime, we’re still on the go, building out new features and improvements for you on ZoomIn to make it your #1 digital photo destination.

Say hi! to the Zoomini

February 14, 2008 at 10:56 am

There has been a lot of frenzied activity at ZoomIn over the past few weeks – most exciting of which has been the launch of our Photo Gifts store.  Starting in December we began rolling out a selection of awesome customizable merchandise.  We launched the latest of these products – the Zoomini Book on Monday. 

 The Zoomini is an affordable and really hip way to enjoy 30 of your best photos.  It’s a 5×7 book that is printed on our monster offset press using great paper stock.  Our goal in the software that allows you to build these products was simplicity – there are no overwhelming choices to be made.  The power users who want font control and templates, themes etc. –  please hang in there – we will be adding a lot more power to these tools soon. 

Here’s a slideshow of the very first book we made – hot off the press.

We’re live – almost

April 13, 2007 at 1:17 pm

Today we opened Zoom.in to a small group of friends to try out. Our USA and India service is just about ready and we thought it is time to get some feedback from our closest friends.

Our team spread across many time zones has worked incredibly hard over the past few months trying to get this right. We will be launching several new features over the next few weeks so please continue to check in here for updates. Remember all your photos will remain safe and be available even after we go public. So go ahead and upload and tag all you want. If you are sharing with friends, give them your invite code as they will need it to get into the site. And finally go ahead and place orders. We really need everyone to try all aspects of the site.

Please do let us know what you think and thanks for your support while we build something we all can be proud of.

The Zoom.in Team