Ten Great Reasons to Make a Photo Book

July 28, 2016 at 11:57 pm

Making a photo book is easy! You choose the shots, and we’ll do the printing/binding/shipping, you just wait for the mailman.

To help inspire your photo selection, we’ve gathered ten of the many reasons to make a Photo Book.

  1. Relive a Trip

The next best thing to being on vacation is remembering the fun times through photos. Relive a Trip

  1. Capture your kids childhood

You Can’t Stop a Baby from Growing Up, But You Can Document the Heck Out of Their Babyhood.capture_your_kids_childhood

  1. Gather Family Close

Put all their smiling faces in one place, and be sure to order a second copy for Grandma and Grandpa.Gather Family Close

  1. Keep A Timeline

Make a book once a year. You’ll always be able to look back and remember what you got up to.Keep a timeline

  1. Celebrate that Special Someone

Document your best times together and give them a gift they’ll love almost as much as you.Celebrate that special someone.

  1. Thank a Host

Thank a friend for throwing an extra fun party, wedding, or dinner by sending them a book of the event.Thank a Host

  1. Make a Dinner Idea Book

If you’re the food photo taking type, put your best meals in a book. Flip through for inspiration.Make a Dinner Idea Book

  1. Save a Bit of Home

On the verge of a move? Make a book of your favorite places in and around your home.Save a bit of home.

  1. Condense Your Wedding Photos

You have hundreds of shots, but put the very best in a book to show off your very favorites.condense your wedding photos

  1. Make A Face Book

Put your favorite friends in one book! It won’t give status updates, but will be fun to flip through.Make a Facebook

What are you waiting for? Head over to the following link to get started with your very own Photo Book: http://www.zoomin.com/in/Photo-Books

And once your book arrives be sure to use #zoominmoments to show us!

Collect Memories Not Things

June 29, 2016 at 5:53 am

Travel 1


What is life but a mere string of memories? The present is here to grab and soon enough it is the past. But instead of moaning the effervescence of life itself, we believe each moment is to be celebrated and cherished for the future to come. And each moment, no matter how big or small has shaped us to what we are today and where we are going tomorrow. Why not hold them close and smile at fond memories? Or laugh at the candid photos of you falling? Or go back in time and relive adventures?

And the camera-worthy moment does not have to be some grand adventure at Mt Everest. Or an epic trip in Mexico. It could be anything- anything that added meaning, passion and love to your life. The first cake you baked, you learning to swim, the first time your kid rode a bike, the time your dog chewed your favorite shoes but seeing him satisfied made you happy anyway- all these daily activities have a unique charm and looking back, they do make you count your blessings. And here at Zoomin, that’s exactly what we do- help you cherish the memories you hold closest to your hearts and share them with your loved ones.

Together with Itch List, we hope to enliven this journey and help cherish each moment. The Itch List is an amazing group of passionate achievers that strive to scratch off their bucket list and inspire others to scratch off theirs. From travel to food, from adventure sports to hobbies- anything and everything that makes you happy, tingly and itching for more is the Itchy way of living! And these incredible memories that you collect along the way deserve to not be stuck on some pendrive or a tragic folder on your laptop.

Beam with pride at your achievements- your solo trip where you explore a side of yourself and the community, your escape from death when you bungee jumped from places high as the heavens and even the time you finally would perfected your Spanish. For each fear you conquered, each goal you scratched off, each time you left your comfort zone- you, my friend, did something very few people dare to do. You lived. Share your passion, your stories and create memories that last a lifetime and inspire a million more.

And when you are a having a rough day, do not forget to flip through scratchbook to remind yourself that you have accomplished far greater things than you expected. Keep your Wall of Fame as your center piece as you tell glorious stories of escaping a bear at your campsite.  Keep little mementos around the house as gentle reminders of good ol’ days that inspire you to go for more adventures. Big or small, epic or ordinary- celebrate your life and get a little nudge for more with these merchandise!

4 Tips To Clicking Awesome Baby Photos!

March 30, 2015 at 6:01 am

Taking photos of your little one is more like an art form and adventure than anything else. Capture all the giggles, smiles, tears, and everything in between with these 5 simple tips that we’ve put together just for you:

  • Don’t be afraid to get silly: Keeping the attention of a baby during a photo shoot is definitely a task. The trick is not being afraid to get silly – use puppets, a favorite toy and even crazy sounds.


Be Silly: The more you

Be Silly: The more you let go and enjoy yourself, the better your photo will be!


  • Fast Shutter Speed: Babies are always on the go! You are lucky if they will slow down long enough to get a kiss in – that is why it is always important to increase your shutter speed to freeze them midway through their actions. The faster your camera is, the quicker you can grab that perfect shot.
  • Everything is better in multiples: We all know babies aren’t always the model photography subjects. They tend to do everything besides what you need them to. To help offset those not so glamorous shots take more than one photo at a time – then you can look through it later to grab ‘The One’.


Click away! Click as many photos as possible.

Click away: Click as many photos as possible. This photo is a combination of a fast shutter speed and the camera ‘Burst mode’. Phew!


  • Shoot through the imperfect moments: Babies don’t always throw tantrums, but when they do they are pretty epic. Regardless the mood, or unplanned moments capture them all! There will always be a beautiful shot among all the chaos.

No matter the difficulties photographing your baby may bring, there is nothing more beautiful than an amazing photo to record those little moments you’ll want to remember tomorrow and hold onto forever.

Now go on, grab a camera and get creative – you’ll thank yourself in the end.



What tips have helped you photograph your little one? We’d love to know.

Photo Prints App crosses 1 MILLION prints!

August 7, 2014 at 6:51 am

Photo Prints crosses 1 million photos

A big shout out to you :-). You made it possible!

Pretty much anyone with a smartphone possesses a darn good camera, and is empowered to capture moments that were formerly ephemeral, stored and forgotten in our messy, limitless digital vault. A common role that binds us all is that of ‘memory keeper’. Capturing memories of places we inhabit or travel through when given the chance, and the people in these places and the people in our lives.

But, some photos are meant to bubble up and last forever. Your proud moment as the father of “Superman”, your son’s birthday party. Witnessing a captivating sunset with college mates before going your separate ways, watching your father show your daughter how to ride a bicycle…. These precious moments hold deep meaning for which they cannot and should not get lost.

At Zoomin we understand this. And with our mobile app we give you a great way to manage your photos, choose the ones that truly matter and create story around those photos that truly meant the most.

On mobile, Photo Prints is our first baby step into the world of Phoneography (mobile photography) and in the coming months expect more magic from us – better ways to organise your photos, more ways to print and share your stories. We look forward to keeping you excited…

Photo Prints is available on Android and iOS. We are putting the final touches on a Windows Phone app too.

Download the app

User Tips for Making a Photobook: Choosing Your Photos!

January 30, 2014 at 5:33 am

Photobooks are such a great way to convey your special moments! This year for Valentine’s Day I decided to make one for my significant other to show him how much joy he brings into my life. Before starting I was wondering what photos I would use and whether it would take me a long time get 20 photos (of course I’m using a ZoomIn express theme!) However, once I started going through my online albums, I realized there were so many photos to choose from – I was done picking my photos in 10 minutes! In case if you’re wondering what kind of photos you can use in your photobook for Valentines Day, here are some ideas to get you started.

1) Take your significant other down memory lane with photos from the time you met till today. If you’ve been together for a while, you might be smiling when you see how different both of you looked then and now!

2) Photos from a special day or a trip. We just got engaged recently so I couldn’t help but put in a photo of that moment. Trip photos are wonderful moments to relive over as well.

That special moment captured!

That special moment captured!


4) My centerfold pages are ‘these are a few of my favorite things..about you’. I’ve included pictures and messages of what makes my fiancé so special.

3) Photos that have a significant meaning just to the two of you. I decided to mix up the photobook by also including pictures which didnt have either of us. One of the pictures was where we had our first date and aside from both of us nobody else will ever know the meaning of the picture (except for you now).

Our first date spot!

Our first date spot!

I hope this gives you some ideas in case you were stuck. Whatever photos you choose, your significant other will be thrilled to relive moments that are special to just the two of you. So go ahead and get going on that photobook -pick out those photos, have some fun and be ready to see your beautiful creation come to life!

(For privacy reasons, couple pictures posted above are not of the writer or her fiancé)

ZoomIn favorites for Mother’s Day Photo books!

April 16, 2013 at 11:19 pm

We love photo books, especially gifting them to mothers! However it is possible to get stuck while thinking of what story your photo book will tell. So we asked our staff and here are our top favorites:

Walk down memory lane  

Tell your mother’s life story and create a biography for her! Gather pictures of her childhood, teen years, working years, getting married and, of course, being a mother. (You can scan the older pictures and use the digital images) A fantastic tribute to moms! An added bonus, while gathering old photos you may learn some  new things about your mother!

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 11.10.31 AM

 Little Moments

Life is all about the special moments and a photo book is a great way to bring those to life. Create a book that will remind mom of the special memories both of you have shared. Starting from the time you were born to the present – those photos along with your personal text will touch her deeply.

ALBUM1An Ode To Mom 

In photos of course! A collection of Mom’s photos covering all the roles she plays -lifesaver, friend, scrabble partner, baby sitter, tuition teacher and so many more! Our new theme, A Mother’s Love, makes it really easy since we’ve pre-published some beautiful poems in it already. All you need to do is upload your photos!

odetomom Masterchef Mom

Is your mother the resident Tarla Dalal? She loves to cook and spends her time in the kitchen coming up with delicious things for everyone to enjoy? Make her a recipe book with her favorite dishes, your favorite dishes or even both. You can add fun stories and memories that your family associates with those dishes. Celebrate her culinary skills with this one!


 Amazing Mom

Fathers at ZoomIn came up with the idea of a photo book that highlights, not only their wives’  achievements, but also recognizes the small things she does everyday. Gather up pictures of her proud moments and click some pictures as she goes about her daily tasks. You’ll have a great gift for the busy mother who does so much for her family.


These are just some ideas to get you started! We’d love to hear different ideas that you have – please send them in at community@zoomin.com

The Summer Adventure Storybook

March 14, 2013 at 7:37 am


Each day our production staff prints, assembles and ships out one fantastic creation after another. Many of which get us to scratch our heads and think, “Wow, what a great idea!”  That got us thinking… why not showcase the creativity of the ZoomIn community? So every few weeks we will share with you some of our favorite user creations (with their permission of course!). First up… a Photo Book created by Kavita!

Kavita’s Photo Book caught our eye because she created a colorful storybook about her children’s summer

Kavita's fun summer adventure with her kids!

Kavita’s fun summer adventure with her kids!

adventures. We loved her unique use of the Photo Book and had to find out more!  Here’s what she had to say…

We loved how you created a storybook featuring your daughters. Can you tell us more about the creation and what inspired you to create it?

I created a summer adventures storybook for my 6 year old so she could see what a great summer she had even though we didn’t take out of town trips like her friends.  Instead, we did a lot of fun things in the city that we live in. I basically created the Photo Book using all the mobile phone photos I had taken over the summer – visiting the zoo, park, museum and waterpark; attending the dance show; hanging out with grandparents and cousins; haircut at the salon(!); and play dates. Everything went into the Photo Book. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly quick to make!

 What did you and your daughters think when the Photo Book arrived?

Both my older daughter and I were floored.  It was gorgeous and reminded us both what a great summer we had.  Even though we didn’t take a trip to the beach or someplace nice, and we just stayed home, we did so many fun things that it was truly a grand summer. My six-year old daughter ended up taking it to school and proudly sharing the book with her teachers and classmates by reading it out loud for them. She looks through it several times a week. It worked out to be a great (and cheap!) marketing tool for what a great summer mom and dad had given her. 😉

Notice how Kavita has laid out photos differently on both sides and used different designs on each page

Do you have any tips for creating a storybook Photo Book?

I created a story around the photos that I wanted to include. On each page I added text so that it read like a storybook.  In my case, my daughters were the main characters and the story that I wrote was about the fun adventures they had over the summer. For the design, I used the pastel colored backgrounds with polka dots and stripes, which looked very sweet (Baby theme).  Next time, I might experiment and keep the background plain white, as that would resemble a typical storybook more.

Thanks so much for sharing, Kavita!  If you’re interested in creating a Photo Book just like Kavita’s, here are the steps:

1)    Click here and select Softcover Flipbook. Select 8.5×11 Flipbook.

2)    For theme, select Baby and Kids > Baby and then press Next Step button

3)    Select the photos you would like to include. Press Next Step button.

4)    To change up the backgrounds like Kavita did, click the “Customize” button and then browse our library of backgrounds.  The backgrounds Kavita used can be found in the Baby folder. To add text, click on the “Text” tab and start typing.


We hope you’ve been inspired by Kavita’s storybook like we have!  If you have any questions about our Photo Books, check out our Photo Book FAQs.  It covers all sorts of great info like how to make a Photo Book and helpful tips on how to create the perfect book.   Have fun!

What is a Photo Book?

February 28, 2013 at 11:33 pm

Hello fellow ZoomIners! We noticed that many of you have been wondering as to what a Photo Book exactly is. So to clear the air we had a quick chat with our beloved Photo Book! Read on for excerpts from the conversation…

ZI: ZoomIn
PB: Photo Book

ZI: Hi! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

PB: Sure! I am the ZoomIn Photo Book, the new age and much improved substitute to Photo albums. Think of me as a coffee table or magazine style book which not only includes your digital photos, but also gives you a chance to personalize through various backgrounds, cliparts and text.

I have been around for a while now and have a big family too. We are quite a diverse lot and come in various sizes, finishes, prices, etc. Click here  to see our entire family tree.  What binds all of us together is the sheer joy that we get from helping you preserve your memories in your own fun and unique way!   In fact, when I was featured on the cover of Times magazine, I was called ‘The Memory Keeper’.


The ZoomIn Flipbook

The Flipbook – Our magazine styled Photo Book!


ZI: A ‘Memory Keeper’? That’s so cool! So people look at you during special occasions?

PB: To tell you the truth, ever since I made it to the cover of Times magazine, I’ve been type casted.  You don’t really need an occasion to call me. You can use me every day. However, with that said I do see a lot of people using me during special occasions such as:

  • Documenting their baby’s milestones
  • Reliving their awesome travels
  • Saying “Happy Birthday,” “I Love You,” or “Happy Anniversary”
  • Creating unique gifts for special holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Rakhsha Bandhan, etc
  • Capturing engagement and wedding memories
  • Sharing a memorable year with loved ones
  • Giving old albums a second life by converting them into digital Photo Books
  • Showcasing their professional work to clients


Although, if you ask me, there’s plenty of other times you can call on me. Some of my recent favorites are:

  • A gardening book
  • A dedication to my favorite sports person/sports team
  • A cookbook full of recipes
  • Collection of best photos
  • A school’s cricket team
  • A Mother’s memories


"How I Grew Up!"

Here’s an interesting concept – This book covers a baby girl’s first 5 years, right from the time she was born.

Think about it this way – anytime you’re looking to preserve your memories in your own unique way, I’m here! I’m always bringing about a rush of mirth and happiness wherever I go.


ZI: That’s quite a statement to make! You’ve been told that?

PB: I know it sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet here, but let me illustrate through a couple of recent testimonials that I received…

“My sisters and I almost burst into tears when we saw the mold on our parents’ wedding photos. We quickly scanned the remaining good photos and then thought of creating their wedding Photo Book! We chose a complete vintage look-n-feel theme and a leather cover. Kept it really simple since their beautiful black and white photos spoke volumes! My parents were so overwhelmed. I think it’s the best gift we’ve given them”

“We were expecting our first child and I was trying to figure out what I could give my wife as we were entering a new phase of our lives. During that time, I came across zoomin.com and learned about Photo Books being a way to tell your story. So I started working on a flipbook that walked us down memory lane, starting from when we met,  to our wedding and finally to our recent trip together. My wife was really surprised with my creativity and loved it! I’ll need to start making the sequels once our child arrives!”


ZI: Wow! They make it sound so effortless!

PB: That’s because it actually is! All I ask for is a bit of your time. How much you’d like to devote though is completely up to you! If you have a fair amount of time on your hands, you can sit down and I will offer you full freedom to create and customize me the way you want.  We can spend a few hours together and I promise you a memory that will last a lifetime.

Of course, if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can check with my niece the ‘Express Book’. She comes pre-designed and in turn, tends to be quick with her work. Various themes with readily designed photo place holders and the option to add text wherever you may please. What more could you possibly want!


Freedom of creativity through various customization options!

Freedom of Creativity – Add as many photos to a page as you may please, tilt, crop, add a background, a border, clipart, text, convert to black & white and various other customization options!

That’s all that we have for now! Although we’ve been promised one more interview real soon, so keep checking this space.

If you have more questions about what a Photo Book is, click here.